Internal Bond Tester

This device comes with a built-in digital display and is microprocessor controlled. The standard configuration is delivered with a medium range pendulum. All the parts are built into a sturdy steel frame. A pendulum mechanism pulls the pendulum back to starting position if the test is carried out. Push down sample holder for quick changing of the base plate with the sample and the aluminum angle.

  • Digital display, microprocessor controlled
  • Automatic pendulum return to starting position
  • Easy inserting of the sample base with quick changing mechanism
  • Delaminating angle of the pendulum to the surface of the sample: 90°
  • Easy insertion of the sample base with quick changing mechanism
  • 5 support base and 5 aluminum angles as standard delivery
  • Display of values selectable in J/m², kg/cm,²
  • RS232 Port
Technische Daten
Gerätenummer RL-IBT-A
Lieferant Rycolab
Stromanschluss 230 V / 50 Hz u. 110 V / 60 Hz
Druckluftanschluss ja
PC Anschluss RS-232
Breite/Durchmesser 600 cm
Tiefe 300 cm
Höhe 550 cm
Gewicht 600 kg

RycoLab Papierprüfgeräte: Dickenmesser für Papier, Tissue, Board, Zugprüfgeräte horizontal und vertikal, Burst Tester, Absorbtionsgeräte, Short Span Tester,

Bekk Glätteprüfer, Smoothness Tester, horizontales Zugprüfgerät, Zugprüfgerät, Dickenmesser, Mullen Burst Tester, Biegesteifigkeitsgerät, Probenvorbereitung, Stauchdruckpresse