Burst Tester, Mullen Berstdruck Prüfgerät

Mullen Burst Tester (Berstdruckprüfgerät) is for measuring the bursting strength op paper according to the MULLEN method.

Test description

The sample to be tested is placed in the measuring area. By pushing the start button on the touch screen fi rst the acrylic glass protection cover and then the clamping bell lowers and fi xes the sample. Glycerin under the membrane is compressed and the membrane is pressed against the sample. When the sample breaks, the hydraulic cylinder stops and returns to starting position. The protection cover and the clamping are opened automatically. The maximum pressure is shown on the display as breaking force. The next sample can be tested.

  • Top-quality materilals and manufacturing
  • Flow rate of glycerin acc. ISO 2758:95 +/- 5ml
  • Lower clamp diameter is 33.1mm
  • Pneumatic clamping force adjustable between 1000N and 7500N
  • Safety covers lowers before the clamping bell can lower
  • Measuring range up to 5000N with accuracy of +/- 1% of the displayed value
  • Touch screen operation and display of breaking force, values, graphs, statistic values
  • Top and bottom values can be stored separately in the memory, ratio can be calculated
  • RS232/USB port for data transfer
  • Windows based software
  • USB printer output
  • Emergency push button
  • CE mark
  • Different languages are selectable (English, French, Spain, Russian,..etc)
  • Setting of different breaking levels (as example: 20%, 15% or 10% of the max. force)
  • Graph of Force / Time can be shown on the display
  • Easy to use touch screen display
ISO 2758
ISO 2759
TAPPI T403; T807
Technische Daten
Gerätenummer RL-BT-A
Lieferant Rycolab
Stromanschluss 230 V / 50 Hz u. 110 V / 60 Hz
Druckluftanschluss ja
PC Anschluss RS-232 u. USB
Breite/Durchmesser 360 cm
Tiefe 600 cm
Höhe 530 cm
Gewicht 70 kg
Der Berstdruck ist für viele Flächengebilde ein wesentliche Materialeigenschaft. Sie wird mit dem Mullen Berstdruck Gerät oder anderem Durchstoßverfahren gemessen!