Box Compression Tester, Stauchdruckpresse

The Stauchdruckpresse - Box Compression Tester is a robust base frame in which the two platens are mounted. The lower platen is fi xed, while the upper platen can be used as either fi xed or rotatable, as required, by opening or closing the four fi xing levers. Three sensores are mounted below the fi xed platen to measure the force exerted and detect the box breaking. Settable limit switches and the digital display and controls are mounted on the front of the unit.

Test description

The corrugated box or packaging to be tested must be placed centered in the lower plate of the compression tester. When the test begins, the upper plate will displace downward and a load will begin to be applied to the specimen. This force is captured by means of the three load cells located under the lower plate. When the system detects the sample breaking, the upper plate returns to the initial position at maximum speed.

  • Box Stacuhpresse, high rigidity steel frame.
  • The guiding of the movable plate is made by means of 4 cylindrical column-guide and low friction linear bearings.
  • 2 low friction balls spindles.
  • Force capture system equipped with 3 load cells placed under the lower plate.
  • Driven by D.C. Servo-motor and reductor to achieve stable speeds in the FS.
  • Emergency push button.
  • Optical deformation encoder
  • Configuration of testing and approaching speeds between 1 and 400 mm/min.
  • Security. Electronic (programme) and physical (limit switches) protection against overload.
  • RS-232 / USB interface for connection to management and control programs.
  • Force readings with a resolution of 0.004 % of the FS, and extension readings with a resolution of 0.01 mm.
  • CE Mark
DIN 55 440-1
ISO 12048
Technische Daten
Gerätenummer RL-CB-A
Lieferant Rycolab
Stromanschluss 230 V / 50 Hz u. 110 V / 60 Hz
Druckluftanschluss nein
PC Anschluss RS-232 u. USB
Breite/Durchmesser 100 cm
Tiefe 80 cm
Höhe 150 cm
Gewicht 120 kg

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